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My Story

I'm a medical doctor from Argentina who, after many years of traditional medical practice providing temporary solutions to my patients' problems, underwent a transformative shift in my approach. I decided to focus on preventive medicine.

My journey began with enrolling in a Master's program in Nutrition at Columbia University, during which I transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle. Although my health initially thrived, a French influence led me to indulge in various cheeses, resulting in severe illness. I experienced skin allergies, new food sensitivities, hormonal fluctuations, troublesome bloating, low energy, depression, and substantial weight gain.

In search of a solution, I delved into research and discovered the remarkable benefits of Plant-Based Nutrition. As a medical professional, I was disheartened by the lack of prior exposure to this vital information in our training and practice. Consequently, I pursued certification in Plant-Based Nutrition and subsequently became a Health Coach.

During my studies, I fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle. Yet, I recognized that many individuals required guidance and support to make this transition successfully. Additionally, I realized that teaching clients not only how to follow the new lifestyle but also how to prepare and savor plant-based dishes was essential.

This realization prompted me to establish my practice, where I offer not only guidance on adopting a plant-based lifestyle but also comprehensive cooking instruction. My services are accessible through video chat, online platforms, and now at my new office and holistic center.

At my center, you can access Plant-Based nutrition and cooking classes, as well as Meditation, Reiki and  Sound Healing. The focus is on holistic healing from within.

Cecilia Basbus Coach


Ace certified
Columbia University

ACE Certified Health Coach

MS Human Nutrition

Plant-Based Nutrition

Medicine university logo
NCCA accredited program


Medical Degree


Weight loss                         

Digestive wellness 

Food allergies & intolerance  

Healthy cooking      

Diet and Detoxification     

Control of Diabetes                 

Increase your energy level



Improvement of Cardiovascular Disease

Bloating and better digestion

Better sleep

Improvement of allergies

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Understanding Food Nutrition | OPEN

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Healthy Food Tips for Thanksgiving | OPEN

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